Invest in mortgage-backed loans

Credory is a back-to-back Estonian company, with Estonian founders, company registered in Estonia and serving Estonian based businesses.

Credory offers business loans and we only specialize in mortgage-backed loans. Our main clients are SMEs who wish to apply for a loan up to 500 000€ and pledge real estate collateral that is located in Estonia. Credory operates as a mortgage lender therefore our business activities are regulated by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit.

Our story

The idea of Credory was born in search of an investment opportunity that is low risk and has real estate collateral. The foundation of Credory is its two founders, whose accumulated experience from the last 15+ years helps to form a credit provider with balanced financial decisions and firsthand knowledge of the real estate market.

By the end of the 2021 the total amount of signed loan agreements were in the amount of 1.73 mEUR and total outstanding loan portfolio was 1.4 mEUR.

Reasons to invest in Credory

All issued loans have
real estate collateral
Only 1 rank mortgage
is acceptable
Conservative LTV levels
(max 75%)
At least 10% skin in the game
in every issued loan
Regular interest payments
Experienced and trustworthy

Investor Relations

Raido Reiska

Co-Founder / CEO

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